Trading Empowered By Smart Tools

Socbase’s indicators encompass a diverse array of powerful strategies such as Price Action, Divergence, Smart Squeeze, Breakout & Breakdown, Market Internal… offering traders comprehensive and advanced trading capabilities.



ColorTrend functions as an indicator that integrates numerous intelligent trading strategies. By leveraging smart algorithms, it enables Price Action and Divergence strategies to closely monitor market developments within each wave up and down. What distinguishes this indicator is its ability to provide real-time signals such as Top, Bottom, Long, Short, Confirm Volume, and Smart Squeeze on the chart. These signals offer valuable guidance to users, assisting them in making informed decisions about when to enter and exit their orders securely. The indicator is versatile, operating effectively across various time frames for trading in stocks, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies.



SocLevel Indicator – In the dynamic realm of financial trading, identifying crucial data points can pivot between seizing a golden opportunity and regretting a missed one. Elevate your strategy with the ‘SOCBASE Key Levels’ indicator — a sophisticated tool crafted for traders aspiring for that extra edge in their analysis.



SocTrend employs the powerful algorithms of Heikin Ashi candlesticks, RSI, and Volume to comprehensively analyze various time frames. This enables traders to grasp market trends and buying/selling strength across different durations. The benefits of Heikin Ashi, RSI, and Volume are outlined below.



Rhythm Indicator – Empowering Market Internal Tool. The Rhythm Indicator, custom-crafted exclusively for ES, NQ, SPX, SPY, and QQQ trading, stands as a specialized market internal tool meticulously designed to elevate your trading insights. This indicator aids users in precisely identifying secure entry and exit points for their orders while providing real-time market condition information, including trends such as upward, downward, or sideways, visible on both the trading chart and the indicator’s dashboard.