Disney Adds Lower Priced Theme Park Access and Perks 2023

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Disney is planning to offer a new lower priced theme park access and perks package in 2023. The plan will include a lower cost option for visitors to gain access to the theme parks and some additional perks.

The new package will be called the Disney Experience Pass and will cost $999 per person, which is significantly less than the current Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort annual passes. The Disney Experience Pass will give visitors access to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks, however, there will be restrictions on when and how often. The pass will provide discounts on certain attractions, souvenirs, and food, but won’t include access to special events or exclusive experiences.

In addition, Disney is also creating a new loyalty program called Disney Discovery. This program will provide exclusive perks to frequent visitors and members. Those who join the program will be able to access special discounts, exclusive experiences, and other benefits.

The new package is part of Disney’s goal to create more flexible and affordable options for visitors. The company has seen a drop in attendance due to the pandemic, and is looking for ways to make the parks more accessible. It is also hoping to entice more visitors to return to the parks and boost overall attendance.